The Quicc Difference

How our Captioning Engine Works

1. Your Data, Your Privacy, OurResponsibility

Perhaps the most important benefit you will experience with Quicc is an ultra-secure connection with our servers. When you submit your video to be transcribed, nobody sees it because a bot is doing all of the work.

Unlike many popular services, Quicc uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) alone to generate your captions. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure over 90% accuracy and the shortest wait times.

Because we use technology to generate your captions and .SRT files, you don’t have to worry about anyone accessing your videos.

The only time someone on our team accesses your video is if your session has an issue and you need someone to help better your captioning experience. For no other reason will your videos be seen by anyone.

To ensure your total security, we have taken the following precautions:


Separate your personal data from your contents data to limit risk


Encrypt sensitive data in our secure cloud infrastructure


Limit internal access to your data to only our key personnel


Only access your data for specific use cases, for example helping in a support ticket use case

2. We Work For You

When Quicc was created, we set out to achieve a massive goal – to save content creators 1 BILLION minutes of post-production time.

The story looks a bit like this:

A digital marketer, a data analyst and a developer meet up. Currently, they are all a team working on a product that isn’t gaining traction. In their defense, the product is about 10 years early for the market – they’ve got too much technology and talent to be adopted by late adapters, so a pivot is inevitable.


At a networking event, the digital marketer and developer meet with all of these “content creators.” They notice a common theme among the creators – they all create a TON of content and they do it quickly. How could our skillset help these creators?

Quicc used their AI abilities to create a product that content creators could rely on for turning around branded captioned videos fast. To ensure the product was up to par, we worked with influencers like Brian Fanzo, Owen Video, Christine Gritmon, Justin Brown, Donna Moritz and Marisa Cali.

Quicc is Your Platform

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