SRT File Creation

After creating an automatic transcription of your video, Quicc creates an SRT file for your video. This SRT file is important for a few different reasons, let’s dig into that.

What is an SRT File?

An SRT file is a subrip subtitle file. It’s a plain text file format that allows computers to understand what is happening in the video.

Computers can’t actually *watch* videos most of the time, so to understand the videos, you must also provide a file that contains:

  • Every word said in the video
  • The in and out time for each line
  • Sequence numbers for each line

Generally speaking, that SRT file will end up looking something like this.

00:00:00,000 –> 00:00:03,951
This is Brie Anderson

00:00:03,952 –> 00:00:11,342
She will be teaching you about SRT Files

The only time you would access this file is if you were going to upload it at the same time as a video on social media.

Again, it allows computers to know what is going on in your video, but it also allows computers to give video viewers the option to turn on/off captions.

Otherwise known as Closed Captioning.

SRT File Download

The good news for you is that we create this file for you when you use Quicc. Most of the time, you won’t need it because you’ll be burning-in your fancy branded captions, but sometimes you may want it (for more searchability).

You can download your SRT File by navigating to your Video Library, finding the video you want the SRT for, selecting the three dots to the right and selecting “Download SRT File”.

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