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How to Use Canva Templates for Videos

Canva is great for graphic design and customization. Now, with templates, you can work with other people's designs.

Brie E Anderson

We, like most of you, loooove Canva! It's super easy to use and allows for all sorts of customizations for any graphics you may need to create.

Recently, templates have become all of the rage. So, what happens when you need to add a video to a template?

Adding Your Video to a Canva Design

  1. Find a template you'd like to use
  2. Open the link
  3. Select "Use Template"
  4. Customize your color, elements, etc.
  5. Upload your video to Canva
  6. Replace the photo or video asset with your own
  7. Download the video as an MP4

Looking to add captions to your Canva video? Follow these steps:

  1. Upload the video to
  2. Edit the transcription
  3. Customize the captions
  4. Place the captions
  5. Burn in the captions

Now, go create some sweet graphics! Oh, and when you do, be sure to tag us on social media 😊

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