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How to Create Videos Like Gary Vee

Gary Vee Style videos are taking over the internet! And just like Gary told our friend, Owen, if you find something that works - make it your own,

Brie E Anderson

Alright, we’ve all seen them. The token “Gary Vee Style” videos have taken over social media. Which means that they’re probably working.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at Gary’s Instagram.

Key Elements of Gary Vee’s Social Videos

There are three major elements of Gary Vee’s videos:

  1. A bold, eye-catching title
  2. The video
  3. Burned-in subtitles

Creating a Gary Vee Style Video

Our friend Owen Video, president and CEO of Video Marketing School, made this video to show you exactly how to make a killer Gary Vee Style social video.

1. The first thing is first you need your canvas. The best performing size we’ve seen for this style video is 1080x1080.

(Fun fact, Canva just started allowing video to be uploaded and added to their designs. This is totally what we would suggest using if you are looking for something free and easy.)

2. Once you have your canvas, place your landscape video into place. You should now how a blank space and the top and bottom.

3. In the blank space at the top, place an eye-catching title with one or two words in a different color or font than the main text. This will draw your users in.

untitled image
untitled image
untitled image

4. Burn-in the captions into the bottom part of your video. This allows users to follow along without having their sound on.

5. Share your video like crazy!

We can’t wait to see your new Gary Vee style social videos! Be sure to tag us or use the hashtag #quicc so we can share your videos with all of our friends 👍

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