Accurate, Automatic Transcriptions

When you upload your video to the Quicc platform, our captioning engine gets to work transcribing your video word for word – no humans necessary.

We’ve worked hard with our robot friends to achieve a 90% accuracy rate for even the fastest of speakers!

Quicc is able to transcribe videos in 11 different languages and dialects.

Once we are done transcribing your video to text, you will be able to use our simple text editor side by side with your video, to fix any mistakes we may have made. Don’t want to watch the whole video again? No biggie! Words that we believe may need a closer accuracy review will be conveniently highlighted in yellow.

After making any edits, you can download a full transcription of your videos.

Why would you need a video transcript?

We work with so many content creators around the world and we’ve seen some amazing work! One of the most fun things to see is how creators use the work they do on Quicc.

A video transcript can be used for a few things…

Turn Your Transcript into a Blog Post.

One of our friends Melanie Deziel talks about her content framework and how to make the most of your content.

We love that idea!

If you create a video, you can very easily turn that video into a blog post by taking the transcript, formatting it for easy reading (using headers, bullet points, etc) and adding a few graphics!

Providing Transcripts for those that aren’t auditory learners

Not everyone can grasp information by watching it or listening to it.

Some people want the words in front of them to read and take notes on.

Teachers, employers and content creators of all sorts can provide transcripts to their audience to ensure everyone’s needs are being met.

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